Yasmin Fris

My life has been mindblowing for the last four years, I went trough a deep transformation. From a closed bud I feel now like an open flower, ready to share my fragrance and colour!

From a feeling of stuckness I packed my bag and went traveling! My journey started with a Yoga retreat and immmediatley I could feel the effects on me. Naturely the Yoga helped me to unblock emotions and after a long time I could feel again! My heart opened and with softness I started to accept myself. It felt as every cell in my body was transformed and my view on life renewed. With a new sence of groundedness in the moment, I felt free as a bird.

So I decided to keep traveling the world and learn about different healing forms. Also to explore my renewed and open self in different cultures. Life started to flow by itself and learning about Reiki & massage went so natural. It clickt right away and I started to practice it from the start on others. The results where astonishing! Read reviews here.

In like manner a playfulness inside me was waiting to come out! By drawing, writing poetry and dancing I felt I could express it! I went to India for a Yoga teacher training and I initiated Yoga classes. More and more I felt empowered to share and guide others. I perceived that the feminine energy is rising in myself and the world. I started to organise Women circels in Guatemala. This was truely empowering for me and amazing to see other women bloom. With my partner we started to give Tantric workshops where the gods and goddesses united. This brought my feminine and masculine energy in balance.

Becoming a Reiki teacher felt right after a lot of healing (read my blog!), fully ready to give Reiki courses on al levels. With the chance to set up a holistic center names Gaia center it all came together. All my gained experience and knowledge came together in setting up this beautiful place! All that I wanted to give and share was manifested in this holistic vision of co-creation.

The next step blew my direction which ment moving to Utrecht. With my voice opening more and my authentic self radiating, I am ready for a new adventure. Setting roots and I am ready to shine.

A free soul, ready to shine!

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