A had a new adventure ahead of me: America! After staying 3 months in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, I was draw to a new adventure. Without expectations I flew to Los Angeles and worked my way up to northern California. What did I learn in this big foot country? That being yourself is always enough, no more and no less. A country where the people are very friendly, everything is big, being in the center of capitalism with surprisingly a lot of poverty. The contrast of rich and poor is sensible and till now the American dream is alive in the air.

After traveling for a bit thru cities and nature, I found myself settling on a farm surrounded by forest and mountains. Here started a period of 2 months living a community life with 15 other people. Cooking, sharing, music, cleaning, art, lauging, sauna and a lot of learning. Learning who I am in a group and who I am not.

I felt pulled into the intensity and a bit lost at start. It was as if I was challenged to find my own way and stand up for my values. I looked closer to my contribution in the community and my time for myself. The time that I spend by myself was treasarable since it was little. I used it for reflection, yoga, meditation, dance and to draw. The time in the group became interesting, seeing the group as a mirror.

When I cooked of cleaned, the gratitude was enormous, making me understand that this is an important aspect in community living. Knowing how much to give is key, keeping track of my own health. Becoming part of a tribe made me feel that I mattered. Family like connection started to grow and suddenly I had more brothers and sisters than ever before.

Becoming more confident and understanding that I am enough, that I have a lot to give. My interest in a community way of living has grow by this experience. Isn’t this the way we were suppose to live together? Looking back on the individualistic life I lived most of my life in the Netherlands, before traveling, shooked me up. How sad is it to eat alone? Or does it give freedom? Is this freedom real? Just some questions pupping up in my head, food for thought.

I felt pulled towards freedom and so I left the community and booked my ticket to Mexico! Which is home away from home. It is my third time in this country and my Spanish is starting to progress. Embracing the tropical warmth completely and indulging in sunbathing and swimming. I love a place called Bacalar were there is a beautiful lake.

Whatever will come my way, I know now that I am enough and that freedom lies within. Do I want to start my own community or live a travelers life?

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