Being back in The Netherlands for six months and I am doing what I love from my heart. Yes!!!! For work, free time and love.

In this society I noticed that it is normal that you work only for money to survival. In order to pay rent, food and luxuries like the new IPhone. With the slogan that money creates happiness and because there is never a feeling of satisfaction it becomes a rat race. ‘A well without a bodem’ so to speak (a Dutch saying). Not living in the present moment but rather in the future, busy, busy as if there is not enough time.

I feel so grateful to remember what yoga touched upon in my heart. That there is only now!!! That I better do what I love for the sake of love instead of money. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with money. It is energy and, a piece of paper or a bunch of numbers on an account that we gave value. With this money energy we can survive, thrive and create. It gives opportunities! But don’t fall into the illusion of it! Stay connected to your heart. If this would be last day you would be living, what would you do? If you had millions of money, what would you do? Ask yourself these questions and see what comes out!

Now I am working as a masseuse, giving Reiki healing, teaching Hatha/Yin Yoga and guiding Goddess circles. These are my unique gifts which I give to the world. It is so worth it to go on an inner exploration and find out what your gifts are!!! The special part of our unique gifts is that it never feels as ‘work’, it doesn’t take too much energy. How did I find my gifts? By traveling, Yoga and meditation! Yoga opened for me the exploration of myself and the connection with my heart and feelings. When you do what you don’t like you set your feelings aside and wear a mask. This works for a while but the mask will fall off or the body’s energy will burn out. A ‘burn-out’ is more common these days for a reason.

Does it feel scary to let go of your ‘feeling of security’? Yes, but it is so worth it! The feeling of security is partly an illusion, the only constant thing is change. Think about it, how many times have you planned something and then the plans changed by for example the weather. Letting go of security, quitting the job you don’t like is so liberating. I suggest to take every day (morning) at least 20 minutes for yoga/meditation/self-reflection. Writing in a journal is also truly helpful for insights because we simply tend to forget. I can recommend you to do a Yoga or silent meditation retreat at the Hridaya Yoga School in France or Mexico. This is high quality and it will guaranty change your obstructing view on life. It did a lot for mine view at least!

The second part is the free time. So when there is nobody telling you what to do, are you fulfilling your heart’s desire? I use to think more in terms of ‘I have to’ instead of feeling my needs, desires and playfulness.  By connecting with playfulness my free time got enriched with everything!! Things I labeled before as ‘I cannot or I am not good enough’ turned into trying and playing. Now I am drawing, writing, singing and dancing!! The difference? There is no judgement voice pulling me down. There is less labeling of good or bad and more being in the action, being in a flow. Creating is one of life’s fantastic qualities where we feel we can express our uniqueness. As a way of self-exploration and it feels truly fulfilling to create from nothing, something. This is Magic! Furthermore it is important to spend time with family and Friends and to maintain healthy connections. If everybody takes good care of themselves and their loved ones and so on we would come a long way! Truly appreciating each other in gratitude. To be able to take care of others we have to be first healthy ourselves!

A healthy diet keeps the doctor away. Healthy food is naturally good for our body. This seems so simple but why is unhealthy food part of society? It can be confusing to choose when there is so much offer of unhealthy food. If you would live in nature, there would only be fresh, unprocessed food. The impact of food on our wellbeing is so big that it is important to have an honest look at our diet. To find a balance between healthy and delicious food is the key. We all have unique diets, so what works for me might not work for you. You can have a look at Ayurveda, a life science from India. It connects everything to the elements, including your body and food. You can do a test online to find out what kind of food brings balance to you!

What about love? I am feeling so much self-love. I truly believe one can only love another when there is self-love. Remembering that people come and go in life, sometimes for a short period and sometimes longer but what remains is the Self. True self love is accepting and embracing every part of yourself and being dead honest. Say goodbye to masks, lies and hiding. It is possible to live with an open heart and show yourself in vulnerability, believe it or not, this is way easier!

Furthermore, be aware of your words, the power of words is magnificent. Be aware of the impact of your words. The words with low vibrating like gossip and lies are negative and logically pull you down. Higher vibrational words are sharing experiences, stories, concepts, wisdom, loving words and PURE TRUTH. These kind of words are uplifting. Listening without a judgement is so beautiful. They say “Speaking is silver and listening is gold”. Hopefully you got inspired to do more of what you like!

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