After traveling almost a year trough central and north America, I spent 1 month in The Netherlands! Home sweet home. It felt strange and sweet. It was amazing to see my family and friends and catching up. I got to do a lot of Reiki as well! After offering Reiki on my facebook, I got a lot of reactions. I am happy that the culture in The Netherlands is more open for spiritual healing.

I am preparing myself now for India. A few years ago I never thought I would go to India. I had an idea that India was too crowded and dirty although I always liked the food. After doing yoga and becoming more interested in the philosophy behind it, I realized I have to go to the place where yoga is from! There is an indescribable attraction that I am just giving in to. I try to go there with no expectations but I would like to learn more about ayurveda healing techniques, yoga and life in an ashram. I am really excited to go on this adventure!


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