I have been now around 1,5 month in India. I arrived in Kochi which was a perfect base to start exploring India. An exotic relaxed vibe with neglected past colonial buildings and thick heat in the air. Indians were eager to help with everything and I met tourists with alternative background who are looking for a more spiritual or exotic experience. The spiced food, colourfull wardrobe, language and palmtrees made me feel in another world, getting drown into another culture.

Ready to explore this new world, I travelled up north. I visited Kannur and I got a more raw Indian experience. Crowded streets with the sounds of cars and horns, dusty roads with trash thrown aside as if the whole world is one big trashbin. Seeing a very nice museum but also the castsystem and the male domination culture. I spent one night in a hotel which was filled mostly by Indian men. Where are their wifes?, I was wondering. Indian girls apparently don’t travel alone so feeling slightly uncomfortable I changed hotels the next day.

My next destination was Kudli beach in Gokarna. Here I encountered a girl who was going to start a Yoga teacher training of 200 hours which started the next day. Spontaneously I decide to join the course! I already had in mind to take a course like this but I did not now where and when yet. The location was on Kudli beach so close to a incredible ocean with every sunset breathtaking sceneries. It felt like a mix of beach vacation and spirituality. For me personally a place I felt blessed with during the intensive course.

The teacher training was filled with a full day program. Starting the day with meditation, Pranayama (breathing teqniques) and yoga. After breakfast learning about the yogafilosofy and anatomy, followed by lunch and a break. Then there was Mantra chanting, ‘the art of teaching’ class and yoga. Every day except for sundays during 4 weeks. This program was intens on the body and mind. I was not sure if I wanted to be a teacher at first, I was there to get to know myself better. There were hard moments where I had to push myself to do yoga even thought my body was sore. Yoga increases the will power and balances emotions, I learned in the course. So every pratice gave me the mental strength to go on. Our potential as humans is incredible when we enhance our will power. There were also beautiful moments of insights and intimite life changing moments.

Besides that I learned to teach this beautifull yoga practice. I gave a class with the theme; Union. What is the meaning of yoga? Exactly, Union! Union between the body, mind and soul. For this I put the attention on the interior experience of yoga. So the eyes were closed most of the time and the focus was repeatedly brought back to the breath. We kept in the postures for a bit longer than ‘normal’. Mixing my knowledge from Hridaya yoga (Traditional Hatha) with my new gained knowledge from the course (Sivananda Hatha and Vinyasa). I also learned Ashtanga but it is not my preference yoga style. I like it more slow and divers. I discovered that teaching goes quit naturally! My voice sounds confident and loud with a gentle touch to it. I loved actualy to teach a yoga class. I also gained more confidence in guiding meditation and yoga Nidra.

Now I am enjoying the afterglow of the course. Letting everything sink in and focusing on self practice and resting. I was Lucky to experience the Shivaratri festival here in Gokarna, for honoring Lord Shiva which represents awareness. Untill now India has given me a wonderfull experience, learning a lot about myself and the world I live in.

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