After traveling over a year, I decided it was time to visit home. I arrived in the perfect time in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The summer was full on and the city felt welcoming. I got a warm welcome from family and friends and I got use to living in a city again pretty fast.

The combination of a western vibe of activeness, and my new way of experiencing myself, I saw opportunities! Although I think that opportunities are always there but now my eyes where wide opened to really see them. I felt deeply inspired to share everything I’ve learned traveling this world. A time for integrating my skills into reality.

While traveling from the South to the Northwest and East, I encountered so many different cultures! Beside learning about ancient traditions, languages, politic situations, I did different courses. I learned about Reiki in Mexico, Yoga in India and massage in Thailand. You can read my other blogposts were I go deeper into my experience on these courses.

Back in the Netherlands I was bursting with positive energy. Looking around me I felt how there was a need for more relaxation and living in the moment. Quickly I was hired as a maseuse and I could start giving more relaxation to stressful body’s. Beside the massage I started to give Reiki in my home. More people are open for Reiki healing which is absolutely wonderful! I was wondering what else I could give to Rotterdam and decided to offer free yoga and meditation! Every Sunday I teach Hatha yoga in nature, just outside the city and Tuesdays Mindfulness meditation in my home. I keep on deepening my skills and developing myself everyday!

Most wonderful about being home is spending time with family and friends. It is where it all begins! If everybody loves themselves and the ones around them the world would flourish. Keeping true to your own path and believes in the end of the day!

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