After three years I got my final Reiki Master degree which makes me a Reiki teacher from now on! How did I get into Reiki? In this blogpost I will go back in time and take you on my magical Reiki journey.

Let’s go back to where it all started; Mexico! In May 2017 I followed different Yoga modules in an amazing yoga school in Mexico called Hridaya. Three months were filled with meditation, yoga, breathing techniques, ecstatic dance and singing mantra’s. This was pretty new for me so the transformation that happened inside was enormous. My heart felt like it was opening for the very first time and clearness came over me. In this clear state it felt easier to choose my natural interests from my talents. One day I was talking with an older vibrant lady about her life and she told me about Reiki. I heard of Reiki before but it was not untill that moment, that something inside me was so drawn to it. I asked her if I could learn more about Reiki somewhere. She smiled and said that there are teachers everywhere.

Close by the Yoga school was a vegan restaurant called Luz del Sol (which means Light of the Sun) with a massage place and the owner turned out to give Reiki courses. From the moment I signed up I felt a fire in myself burning. I did the Reiki course one and immediately I started to practice twice a week on others. One miracle after another happened in front of my eyes. Muscle pain had disappeared after a Reiki session and chakras balanced. The more time passed the more I actually felt that Reiki worked. Even though I noticed that around me there were skeptical notes, I stayed true to my own experience. I mean by this that not only what I saw after a Reiki session in others but also in myself.

Every second I felt more happy, free and healthy. This motivated me to keep on giving reiki and to heal not only myself but also the world. This was the birth of my website Journey of healing which led towards Reiki level 2. By this time I was determined and yet freely discovering India. After my Yoga teacher training, I came upon an older man in Hampi.

There was something about the way he moved and looked out of his eyes that made him so real, very much himself. He turned out to be a Reiki Master and gratefully I learned about the second Reiki level. This opened a whole new realm beyond time and space. Reiki healing from a distance was in for an exploration. Beyond abroad gave the perfect opportunity to practcie this. I started to notice that also this was working beyond any understanding. This helped me to keep on going on my healing journey.

I felt drawn to go back home (Netherlands) after traveling for 2.5 years and share all the fruits of my tree. In started to combine Reiki with massage in a holistic massage. After being home for a while I met my final Reiki teacher trough a mystic shop and I knew it. She felt warm hearted and the right person to initiate my mastery.

The transformation from a student to a teacher came closer and I felt like preparing for leadership. I felt like life was testing me in all different ways and the only thing I felt was: ‘I CHOOSE TO TRUST’. I could choose to be confused in a maze or I could choose to trust. With all the trust build in myself along this journey I trusted my path. You can imagine this time as a cocoon of a butterfly that is preparing to come out. I could feel it clearly now: I am ready! With this sign I received my final initiation of Reiki Master on the new moon in May 2020. This was so special and I am very grateful.

With joy in my heart I look back on a amazing journey full of surprises and a smile appears on my face. I recently created a holistic center in Rotterdam for Yoga, massage and the Reiki courses. Soon I will give my first Reiki one course and give a steady and warm base for others to start their own journey of healing. This is such a beautiful journey towards your free, authentic and balanced Self! What are you waiting for?

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