On the island of Koh phangan I followed a five day oil massage course and learned how to give soft and loving massages. Everybody seems to love relaxing massages and I think the world needs it. There is too much unnecessary stress in my opinion.

After the course I took time for myself. I rented a private bungalow because I needed some space. After being always surrounded by people, especially in India, it was a relief to have some quiet time. Withdrawing was needed for self inquiry. Processing all the knowledge about Yoga, Reiki on a deeper level, detox and new massage skills. Practicing mostly meditation, Reiki and massage. With the ocean close by, fruits in abundance it felt like the perfect place for me to find more peace.

Beside this inward focus I also tried a few new things that the conscious community in Sri thanu has to offer! There is a wide range of different healing techniques, events and courses. I choose to try Qi gong, Watsu/Waterdance, Rebirthing breathwork, and a Vedic astrolog reading. You might think ‘What is all of that?’. That’s why I am going to share a bit if my experience.

Qi gong is a moving meditation from China which calmed my mind completely! The movements are done by focusing on the breath and letting go of control. Feeling very light and effortlessly. The teacher was really amazing.
The Waterdance/Watsu was an incredible experience!!!! Imagine floating in the water, doing nothing. Surrendering to the arms of the one that holds you. This person moves you in the water, going under and on the surface. Losing connection with directions, no above and no below. Because I have a little bit water fear, especially to go under the water, this was really healing. I felt so safe as if in a mother’s womb. I could let go my fear and we went under!!! Wow! Feeling like a mermaid and as if all my cells where renewed. Afterwards I felt reborn.

Apparently there are more ways to get reborn and one of them is ‘Rebirthing breathwork’. It is mainly to release emotions. For an hour I was breathing in a certain way and emotions came up. Feeling very safe with the event holders, so I could let go of suppressed emotions. All the times I did not express myself is stored in the body. It felt very liberating and relieving.

Photo by Ed Ward, Rebirthing event holder

In the end I tried a Vedic astrology reading with a sceptic attitude. Surprisingly it is also written in the stars that I am a energy healer! Is this coincidence or syncronisity? My curiosity was evoked and with attention I listened to the reading. There is right now a challenging and powerful time for me. A time to mainly learn and the challenge is to stay with both feet grounded in reality. This is something I feel also as important, to stay connected with this reality. Spending time in a ‘spiritual environment’, with an overload on ‘spiritual events’ with amazing teachers but also superficiality and big ego’s was somewhat overwhelming. So I take his advice and plan to volunteer in a place with a lot of nature.

All this beautiful alternative healing techniques are worth trying for yourself! Have a look around your neighbourhood. Expand your life by trying something new which is healing at the same time!

On this beautiful island I got the chance to nourish myself, eat healthy, rest, practice new things and let go of fear and emotions. What is my next destination? An Eco-village in the North of Thailand! Can’t wait to put my fingers in the ground, Pachamama here I come! Read all my experience with nature in my next blog!


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