A journey traveling nine months while discovering my inner Rainbow Goddess

After my experience of being good enough (read my previous blogpost) and living in a community, I went to my favorite spot in Mexico: Bacalar. A stunning lake often called the magic lake of seven colors. The colors derive from a Caribbean turquoise to a soft light pink. In this place I learned about Tantra. You might immediately think about sex but there is much more of Tantra to discover. I learned that Tantra can help to live with an open heart. To embrace and accept my authentic self and the courage to show vulnerability. I started to feel good expressing my honest state, it felt liberating. With all the knowledge I gained in my other travels about Yoga and Reiki I had set the perfect foundation to then fly. Not caring anymore about what other people think of me, I don’t have any influence on this anyway. So why spend any energy on it! Instead I went on an inner exploration.

What was in the way of loving myself and being honest? Which shame and guilt were lying on my heart? I went to a community close to Bacalar called Cayuco Maya. As a volunteer I helped in the community and in their full moon retreat. This was a perfect place and time to offer my help and guidance in teaching meditation and to heal deeper layers of myself.  The retreat included meditation, yoga, waterdance, sailing and a Temazcal, which is a type of sweatlodge. The Temazcal was the most powerful experience. The Temazcal is a Mexican tradition with a Shaman. In a round tent the pre heated rocks were pored over with water creating steam. Starting with a low heat temperature this is heated up entering every time a new portal. The Shaman guides this with a connection to the four winds, North, East, South and West. After the Temazcal I felt reborn and we dove into the magic lake with a full moon rising in the sky.With my heart open and a newborn feeling

I decided to head South, to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. A fairytale-like little town with a wide range of Yoga retreats and Spirituality. Thislike is majestic in it’s one way, surrounded by mountains and a Volcano. Everything started to flow and here is where I first learned about the Goddess archetypes. The Goddess archetypes are interwoven in our collective consciousness acc  ording to Jung. We all know the stories in our subconscious but often vaguely. These stories came back to life with learning about the Goddesses and their qualities, most of all how they are here to help and guide us! I discovered I can go beyond myself and illusionary fear and suddenly everything is possible. I wanted all sisters to feel this so I organized my first Goddess circle in San Marcus, Guatemala. In a healing place called La paz, which means The peace. They offer a beautiful round space surrounded by a beautiful garden.


I bonded my knowledge with a sister called Neomi. We are both Yoga teachers and healers and we had been to different Women circles before. We did not just want to talk with sisters but actually offer them the tools to connect with their inner lost Goddess. The Goddess circle included a Cacao ceremony, Heart sharing, the Goddess archetypes, Sister Connection ceremony, Meditation, Tarot, Singing, Dancing, and Reiki. Facepainting and flowers were there as a closing and celebration. This was such a beautiful experience, I felt like I was holding the space from my true Self. The effect of showing my vulnrebility created space for all women to open and feel comfortable. This was for me my opening towards working on a deeper level with a group.



I went on traveling to Costa Rica to the Envision festival and volunteered doing facepainting! This was an amazing festival and experience of expanding my creative skills! The festival has a conscious vibe with yoga, ecstatic dance, live music stages, DJ’s and a Red tent! From here I went to a Rainbow gathering which I heard a lot about but I had never been. Rainbow gatherings are temporary remote communities where everyone is welcome to live in freedom, peace harmony and respect. This was the perfect place for the second Goddess circle! A paradise island with only a few inhabitants. Starting the day with teaching yoga on the beach. Living so close to nature with (max 50 persons) felt precious and it connected me deeper with my Shamanic side. I felt called to attend the World Rainbow gathering which a happening right afterwards in Colombia. This was a much bigger gathering (max 700 persons) and here I was thriving, teaching Yoga, Reiki and Goddess circles. Being in nature without any wifi felt like a chance to re-connect with Mother nature, Pachamama!


Once you open there is no way back and I am glad. Back in The Netherlands I already hosted my first Goddess circle on Dutch grounds and I feel the need for it. It is the time that the feminine energy will rise! To bring back the balance. Man have a feminine side in them as well. Like women have a masculine side too. It is all about balance! This feels like my mission with teaching Yoga, giving Reiki and with the Goddess circle, all to bring the balance!!!




By Yasmin Fris

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