After hearing from different people that Hampi is a beautiful and magical place I decided to go there. I took a nightbus from Gokarna with an actual bed in it, my first experience in a ‘sleeper bus’ was nice and I slept more than I normally would and without any neck pain in the morning. The bus was filled with tourists.

Arriving in the morning glory, Hampi looked beautiful. I felt like entering another world. A world of temples, monkeys, green rice fields with white birds and big rocks everywhere around! I explored the area by climbing up the rocks and the view made it incredibly rewarding. Looking so far over a beautiful area, especially at the time of sunset it was special. The temples made my imagination work, how were they living here long time ago? The stone drawings gave me an idea. I was enchanted by the big temples, stone drawings and the architecture, especially one building made for a queen with an Arabic touch.

I stayed in a relaxed guesthouse were they offered yoga and meditation. It was nice that I could use the yoga space to do my own practice. In this guesthouse I met a older indian man with a incredible calm vibe around him. He was the yogateacher. Finding out that he was also a Reiki master made me think about taking a Reiki course level two. Reiki is universal life energy and is used as a spiritual healing technique, there are three levels. I did the Reiki course level one a year ago in Mexico. During this year I practiced a lot and I felt ready for the next step. The course took three days of two hours each day. The main thing I learned is how to use symbols in my Reiki practice to heal even deeper. There are three symbols; for the physical body, the emotional body and the soul. The symbols have no use when they are looked at without any knowledge. I also learned how to give Reiki from a distance. Meaning that I can give Reiki to a person in another country. During the course I felt an opportunity to go deep into myself. I was focused on learning and introspection, making it a time of transformation.

After the course I started with a 21 day period of giving Reiki to myself. This is part of the level one course but back then I didn’t manage to do it so I did it after this course. Making it a period of detoxing, so eating healthy and no alcohol and tobacco. After Hampi I went to Auroville. In my next blog I will tell you more about my experience in Auroville. Started this week a course on energy points coming from the Aboriginal tradition in Australia! I am excited about this course and to explore Auroville more

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