With joy in my heart I am observing how the feminine energy is rising. Within myself and around me, for the benefit of the world. I am organizing ‘Goddess circles’ and around me the women circles are shooting up in the world like mushrooms.

It hasn’t been always easy. Coming from a masculine energy dominated society I use to feel my masculine energy as dominant and there for out of balance. I was ignoring my intuition and I was in a ‘keep on going no matter what’ mode. When I had pain in my Moon I took a painkiller and went on working. This mode seems to work for some time but at one point it breaks, flows over, burns out. This happened to me and I decided to travel.


With my Journey of healing I traveled the world for two and half year, outside and inside myself. I came to the understanding that it could no longer go on the old ways. It was time to dive into the roots of my femininity. It started with a softness towards myself. Becoming less self-critical and more accepting and nurturing. Self-love and forgiveness in all its forms! From wearing soft clothing to having a soft gaze into the mirror. Heart centered Yoga and meditation with Reiki were key pillars in this journey. Followed by a bigger sense of feeling safe to express who I am truly am, a liberation. During this time my moon did not hurt anymore followed by a Moon cycle stop for four months. I felt as if my womb needed time to rest and reset. A time with absence of relationships with sex so I could bring all my attention to my own journey. When my Moon came back I felt more creative than ever! Painting murals, drawing, dancing and singing came naturally playful and fearless.


I started to connect with the feminine force of creation and instinctive intuition. Guided by my inner voice and wolf instinct, my Journey unfolding with some clarity but without any expectations. Doing the Yoga Teacher Training in India felt right for me as well as the Reiki/massage courses. With a sense of direction I could feel my inner Goddess calling me. With Tantra crossing my path I learned how to sublimate sexual energy and how to be vulnerable from the heart. This was a bridge and the Goddesses in me started to awaken. I knew already different Goddesses called ‘Deities’ from the Yoga tradition like Kali, Ganesha, Lakshmi and so on but there are many more! I started to connect with Isis, not accidentally. My blood originates from The Netherlands and Egypt, as I grow up in The Netherlands I lost the connection somewhat with Egypt. This connection came back with Isis and slowly my masculine and feminine energy united and I felt more balanced.


I started to attend Women circles and living in communities with feminine energy. Learning from each other and sharing the wisdom that is within. Traveling thru Central America I felt strongly connected with ‘Pachamama’ meaning Mother Earth, Cacao ceremonies and other traditions. The start of the ‘Goddess circle’ came so naturally, as the right thing to do for the joy of my heart and for the world. Healing the feminine energy means healing the earth, she strongly needs it. If we take a look how her resources are taken out of the earth, how nature is being treated, we cannot look away anymore. For thousands of years women come together and in these times it is needed even more.


The feminine energy is rising which is bringing back the balance. We all have a feminine (left) and masculine (right) side in us, when these unite we will find balance. I encourage women to bond in Sisterhood and look for a women circle around you or start to organize one!

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