After traveling over a year I spend three months in Rotterdam. It was very delightful to spend time with family and friends. Beside that I worked hard on deepening, practicing and sharing my skills. I worked as a masseuse, gave yoga lessons and Reiki. I also tried some new healing techniques!

When I just arrived here I was so enthusiastic to share my skills! I worked part-time as a masseuse, giving me the chance to deepen my massage knowledge. I learned a lot about the body and noticed how there is a lot of tension in clients. I was happy that I could help release the tension by massaging. Beautiful to see how massaging really helps to relax and how it helps the body to restore and release toxins. I developed certain muscles to give a stronger massage!

In the weekend in gave yoga lessons next to a breathtaking lake on the outside of the city. It was wonderful to do yoga outside in nature! To connect with the stable earth, hear the water flowing, feel the soft breeze and leting the warmth of the sun relax the body even more. It was most important for me to help the yoga students to relax and accept the reality. This was a beautiful opportunity to practice my teaching skills and I noticed that it goes natural. Along with yoga and massage I gave Reiki therapy. Noticing that more and more people are becoming open to try Reiki! I keep on being surprised by the power of Reiki, it can do so much more than a massage. It heals on so many levels, also in myself.

My personal journey of healing kept on going with exploring new techniques. I tried acupuncture, the Ilan Lev method and Osho dynamic meditation. I had the idea that my intestines were not recovered from traveling in countries with a bad hygiene. My belly was blown and I did not have the same apetite. That is why I went two times to do acupuncture, I took herbal medicine and it got a lot better! The Ilan Lev method came to me by chance. When I was doing a Reiki exchange I was offered to try this method. My body got shake while I was laying down. I went trough an amazing experience of laughter, pain and letting go. The shaking brought up memories that I could now let go! I did even more shaking in the Osho Dynamic meditation at ‘The monkies’, a new center for yoga, meditation and singing run by enthousiastic young people. The meditation has different stages, including shaking while standing, dancing and meditation. First the moving part and than the meditation showed me even more clear the importance of meditation is western society.

My most important lesson is to stay connected with my own intention and with myself in this concrete Jungle. It is easy to get swollen in the fast pace but I had put some effort in slowing down. Just to say to myself: ‘hey stop and reflect!’ The only thing that is important is to breath and nothing else. Learning about patience helps me to accept reality. I have faith in life and that everything will unfold in it’s own time. The more I slow down, the more I can enjoy every little bit of his journey!

Adventure is calling me again, so new travel plans are coming up! In October I am going to travel to the West. I keep on exploring who I am! Curious about my upcoming adventures? Keep on following my blog!

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