In The Netherlands they say ‘you are what you eat’ so on the journey of self inquiry; who am I according to my diet? In Thailand I got the opportunity to look a bit closer at my food pattern and detox.

The Fruitarians

I arrived on the island Koh Phangan and I enjoy the beautiful wild nature, lush trees and white soft sand beaches. The perfect island for yoga and vegan lovers and most of all detox! I read online about different expensive detox retreats and I had the idea to do some detoxing by myself! At the perfect timing I run into Mister fruitarian and detox expert! What? A person who eats only fruit? This was totally new for me. I found out that everything with a seed, such as pumpkin, zuchinni, olive, tomato are includet in a fruitarian diet. This person was a fruitarian for two years and claimed that it made him more healthy!

Perfect, let’s detox! After traveling for a long time, especially India, my digestive system is irritated which often results in diarrhea. For two and a half days I ate almost only fruit! Luckily, Thailand is full of delicious juicy fruit. I ate fresh mango, dragonfruit, passionfruit, appel, durian (for the first time), banana, papaya, cucumber, coconuts and different smoothies sometimes mixed with apple, strawberry and orange. I added beetroot, carrot and espirulina to it. During the detox I felt sometimes hungry and tired so I took a lot of rest. The days after I felt better than before!
I realized how important food is for my body. How much it influences my physical, emotional and mental state. I have a feeling that the world is becoming more aware of this! I meet regularly people who are becoming a vegetarian, vegan or even fruitarian! The plan of Mister Fruitarian is to open a fruitarian restaurant (fruitarian lasagna and pizza!) on the island and than worldwide. So soon we can taste the fruitarian experience.
After this experience I did not become a fruitarian myself. I was sticking to my vegetarian/vegan diet that has a bit more variety. Still it is like someone opened my eyes! If there is healthy fresh and unprocessed food, like beautiful fresh fruit and vegetable right from the trees. Then why did I choose sometimes food that is unhealthy with a low nutrition value, not fresh or processed? While traveling I don’t always have a kitchen available and I am also traveling for a long time on a budget. I realized it is good to invest a bit more time and money in my diet for healthy food to keep on restoring my body’s digestive system and overall health. I am staying one month on this beautiful island and I have a kitchen so I keep on healing through food and exploring the island. The island offers, beside vegan restsurants, yoga and meditation also a lot of workshops, ceremonies and courses! From ‘innerdance’ to singing classes and from ‘cacao ceremonies’ to ‘rebirthing breathwork’. It sounds interesting, I can’ wait to try it out! Read about my experiences on the island in my next blog!

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