When I first heard about Auroville it drew my interest. ‘A big spiritual community living in a town, a mix of western and Indian people living together’. Auroville counts 2565 members. I arrived the day before the 50th birthday celebration of Auroville and all the accommodaties were full. So I stayed outside Auroville the first days. Trying to do most things by foot, but this was almost impossible! The distance between the places is too far and the sun too hot so renting a bicycle came handy.

When I started exploring Auroville I started at ‘The visitors center’. A center were I first encountered the inspiring dream of living in Union by ‘The mother’ and Sri aurobindo. They were the founders of Auroville but not the owners because Auroville belongs to no person and no country! I was a bit surprised that the center also contains expensive shops and restaurants. I made an appointment to go in the impressive golden (15 kilo) globe meditation center, it was an interesting experience to go in. I can only compare it with entering a spaceship with a 60s design. Auroville offers a lot of workshops and courses all spread around the town. I visited an inspiring organic farm, helped teaching kids origami, did an ‘inner dance workshop’ in a beautiful building, went to a folk dance workshop in the ‘Unitypavilion’ and I danced again at the fire drum-circle. I followed also a short course about energy points which was a nice introduction. I would like to integrate this treatment in my Reiki sessions.

All of this was wonderful but where was the community? The Union that ‘The mother’ dreamed about 50 years ago was not totally there (yet?). The difference between rich and poor is very visible and the huge amount of scooters is polluting the environment. On the other hand, there is a lot more awareness in Auroville, about the environment and living in Union, compared to other cities in India. It is interesting that there is a different money system, a highschool with no official exams, a lot of art and small communities. and There is an empasize on ‘Karmayoga’, which means to do work in a selfless way and not for gaining a reward (money, status).

I decided to stay as a ‘Karmayogi’ in The lotus house to get to know Auroville a bit better. In this renovated guesthouse I got the opportunity to make a wall-painting! I made only one painting before but I liked the challenge and excitement! What could go wrong anyway? There is always white paint to erase it. Making the painting was amazing! Becoming in a meditatie state, connecting with the flow of the universe and just create! No thinking, no goal, no judgement. Just creating! This made my days more going inward. Waking up daily early to exchange some yoga with the Thai chi practice of an other volunteer, on the rooftop. The rest of the day I was focused on painting, helping in the garden and giving Reiki. I even learned to make incense at the kind neighbor’shouse!

In the end I understood that it takes time to get to know Auroville. These two weeks offered me a glimp of this community. It was definitely inspiring and Isurprised myself by my creative capabilities.

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