I spent my last week in India in Tiruvannamalai. The hardest town to pronounce and the town with ‘the oldest and sacred mountain’ to say. It is a spiritual pilgrimage place with many ashrams and a sacred mountain called Arunachala.

I was especially interested in going to the Ramana Maharshi ashram, a famous ashram. Ramana Maharsi (1879-1950) had a death experience on the age of sixteen with made him aware of his inner Self; the unchanging reality underlying all that exists. From then on he inspired many people who are on a path of self inquiry. Read more about Ramana on the website

I first heard about Ramana Maharshi in the Hridaya yogaschool in Mexico, were I spent some months over a year ago. I learned to meditate with mainly Ramana’s method of Self inquiry. The method is simple; just ask yourself the question ‘Who am I?’. Without trying to give an answer. According to Ramana, we are not; the body, mind, emotions or our personality. Realizing this changed my view on life towards a liberating feeling! This is why it felt special to me to be in the ashram. It was a bit strange to see a lot of pictures of Ramana in the ashram while he is not his body, said the guru him self. Pictures of guru’s were everywhere in India so I was guessing it was part of the culture.

Beside the ashram there was this incredible mountain, I could feel the energy of the mountain while looking at it from the rooftop of the hotel. Ramana Maharshi spent seventeen year of his life in a cave up the mountain, of course I went up there to meditated inside the cave. This felt really special. Every full moon a lot of people come to walk around the mountain. Since I wasn’t there with the full moon I walked around it anyway! This was a beautiful experience but quit hard with the burning sun.

There was a special connection between me and the mountain and a person who I met a few days before in Auroville. We traveled together from Auroville to Tiruvanamalai. Sometimes you meet people which you, for some reason, connect with on a deeper level. There was a lot of synchronicity. We were both energy healers and we helped each other to heal. I realized how I wanted to be always a ‘strong women’ and that it is hard for me to show my weakness. I was under the illusion that stronger is better than weakness. So I went over my limits and I got sick. The natural way of the body to say; slow down! The sickness was also a mix of Indian food/drinking water and the 38 degrees burning sun.

I was grateful for the opportunity to get to know myself more. Who am I? Seems to unravel slowly. Letting go more and more of the ego by showing my vulnerability to the world. My gratitude goes towards the mountain Arunachala, this beautiful healer that helped me transform and Ramana for his powerful teachings.

I might as well say thanks to al my extraordinary experiences in India. I am heading towards the east! Going further on this journey of healing in Thailand! I cannot wait to explore this exotic country. Read about my experiences with ‘Mister fruitarian’ in my next blog!

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