I love to write poetry! Writing poetry connects me with my inner self.
It gives me a chance to express myself from that place within.
I invite you to read my poems and let your imagination carry you away!






Let me invade your every vein till there is no difference between you and me
There is no above and no below, no left and no right, no body and no waves
Shaping, forming, lifting, higher and higher ,

By Yasmin Fris




So many perspectives
Opening up wide
Seeing far in the distance
Choosing the direction
North, east, south, west
When you turn to look inside
That is where home is

By Yasmin Fris


Flower of joy

The playfulness of a young puppy saying: let’s play!
Laughing worries away
Nothing is permanent my dear
Let go of your conditioned mask
Run around like a child
Looking around in wonderment
Throw your arms up in the air
Creating a contagious wave
A big smile
Makes the rest light up
Becoming a warrior of light
Bringing light to serious opinions and bitter perspectives
Lifting the energy higher
Finding joy in this very moment

By Yasmin Fris


Illusion and truth

The romantic illusion of future sceneries
Riding the wild horse of desire
Confusion, distraction and control
Pulled down deep into the material maze
Separated from the true source

Come to the truth
Slaughter your ego
Bow to the Divine self inside you and see the Divine everywhere
You are me and I am you
Interwoven into a carpet of wisdom
Remember where you came from
Rise out of the dirt and become a golden lotus flower
Shining selflessly

By Yasmin Fris


Sky and earth

Clouds and waves passing by
Nothing to hold on to
The force of the waves cleaning everything that doesn’t serve anymore
The lightness of the clouds taking away the weight of troubles
Above and below coming together in the heart
Finding stillness

By Yasmin Fris


Focused mind

Shooting a light arrow far away in the distance
With a bow made of love and devotion
The sharp edge landing on one point
Let the journey begin!
Let me surrender to the flow of the universe
Look up in the night sky
Your arrow is shining as a bright star in the mystic night
Only to light the way back to the love in your own heart

By Yasmin Fris


Self love

Let me fall in love with myself
Embracing, accepting and loving
Let me dive into my own heartbeat
Surrendering to the rythm of the universe
Let me see my own light
The sunflower radiating from my heart
Let me marry my true Self
And say Yes to my highest form

By Yasmin Fris



Let yourself free!
Smell the blossoming air of freedom and know that nothing is more sweet

Once believing that the world exists of division, opinions and fear
Being lost in your own maze of illusions

Suddenly the wind takes over strongly and dissolves everything
What is left is infinite space filled with flowers
The flowers say:
Let your believes fly away with the first ray of morning light
Become a bird, flying out it’s cage!
Bathing in the warmth of the shining sun
Being filled with love, so much love

For love is the only reality

By Yasmin Fris


Open your eyes

Softly opening the eyes
With a slowmotion of infinite time
Knowing that whatever appears is the result of my own creation
Filling the eyes with love
So only love will arise

To fully open to this wonder of creation
Seeing the divine beauty in all and everything
Breathing out deeply with a feeling of wooooooooooow
While turning the eyes over this glowing miracle
Seeing the wind dance with the tree
How a butterfly is landing on a pink flower
The playfullness of a young puppy
Steady mountains and waves to carry you away
Nothing to do
Nothing to say

By Yasmin Fris


Dance of life

Life is whispering:
Dance with me, dance with me….
This makes me smile. How can I resist such an invitation?
It happen to be that I love to dance.
I still remember the sweet, sweet taste of my last dance…
I long to dance more!

Take of your shoes and everything you don’t need and I will show you.
I will show you that this dance happens spontaneously and lightly.
Like the wind is whirling into space,
like the shimmering movement of light on the ocean,
like the sun is shedding its light on the moon.

Forget who was the moon, who was the ocean and who was the wind.
Together they create pure joy, pure bliss.

Existence is the only thing that matters.
This seems to good to be true, this dance must be ending soon….

Don’t be such a fool!
This dance is pure truth and infinite.
This was always here and it has always been here.
It is just that you are discovering it now.

This new discovery is wonderful, yes full of wonderment.
You are becoming more free so you don’t have to wait for life to invite you for a dance.

Dance from your essence!
Just dance….

By Yasmin Fris

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