Ernst-Jan van Leeuwen (Netherlands)
Rustgevende reikisessie gehad bij Yasmin. Waar ik ervoor last had van nek/schouderpijn was dat een dag later er verholpen. Ook zonder aanleiding moeten lachen na afloop van de sessie. Alsof er daad werkelijk iets ‘lichter’ was. Zeker een aanrader!(Click here to view the source: Facebook review)

David James (Australia)
Whilst staying in Ubud I received a Reiki session from Yasmin. I had felt recurring muscle tension on one side of my shoulder for months prior to the reiki session – during the treatment some of these muscles released – I also experienced warmth sensations along my body – to my delight the following morning the muscle tension was gone! This was a miraculous experience from Yasmin’s healing hands. I was extremely grateful and would strongly recommend Yasmin as a professional and skilled Reiki practitioner. (Click here to view the source: Facebook review)

Ann Ma (UK)
Yasmin, you have a natural, beautiful healing talent and intuition. I had one Reiki session with her and it was very powerful. I could clearly sense the energy flow, as she worked with her hands. It was as if she fuses out the blockages out of my body directing the energy down towards my feet and out of the body. The sensation was very distinctive. After the session we had a chat and she could clearly recognise which chakras/energy centers which, to her felt powerful and the ones which needed balance and it was all making a lot of sense. I felt very at peace and relaxed after the session. I really recommand Yasmin for the healing therapies. Thank you darling ❤ (Click here to view the source: Instagram comment)

Saurabh Negi (India)
I had got the opportunity of experiencing Reiki with Yasmin when she was in India… Have to say it was a unique experience and it was something I could have never got with yoga or anything else… For me it was about the negatives from my mind and body I wanted to remove and let go of things which I dont need at this phase of my life. The session got me in touch with my past and future, relaxing as it was, it also helped me clear my conscience. Could feel the energy flow when yasmin was doing her session. Somethimes without even touching the body, like if see could see the blockages in my body parts. It was a good session.. Talking to her post session cleared things more for me. A natural phenomenon beautifully used to heal the body n soul. Thank you Yasmin. (Click here to view the source: Instagram comment)

Prerna Mehta (India)
I had some body pain and I never tried but I wanted to try reiki healing as suggested by her and few more around.To my surprise, it worked and I think regular sessions may help me even more. Thanks Yasmin for doing this for me. It was healing and relaxing.


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